Boarding Pass – Kirra Jamison

Australian artist Kirra Jamison and I first came into contact when I featured her awesome loft in a “sneak peek” on Design*Sponge. I was lucky to meet her and her partner a few months later when they were in town for Dane’s show at Colette in Paris. The next thing I knew, after their European adventures they were off to Japan for three months (I do love the way Australians travel!). I knew Kirra would be a great fit for Boarding Pass, and I can’t get over the way she is able to capture color in her photos. Everything below is from their time in Tokyo (shot by Kirra and Dane). Thanks, Kirra!
last trip taken:
I recently spent three months in Tokyo.
next trip on deck:
A road trip along the east coast of Australia.
one place you would go back to again and again:
place you’d most likely recommend a friend go visit:
preferred method of transportation:
place you’ve never been but dying to go:
place you’d never go back:
I haven’t been anywhere I would go back yet!
most memorable trip in 2 sentences or less:
New York. New York.
how do you prepare for a trip?
I’m usually flat out leading up to an overseas trip so there’s normally not a lot preparation going on! But as my Japanese friend Tomomi says, I have ‘good antenas’ so I find the cool stuff pretty fast.
how do you record your travels when you’re traveling?
what is your favorite thing to photograph in a new place?
Food, colours, fashion.
on an average, how many pictures to you take on a trip?
I take plenty but I edit them as I go rather than wait until they’re on my computer.
what’s in your “artist travel kit” ?
A canon EOS 7D, MacBook Pro and I use my iPhone camera for taking visual notes or sneaky shots.
what do you do after a trip? how long after a trip does this happen?
Generally I start working in the studio within a few days of getting home. I’m never sure exactly how my trip will effect my paintings. Inevitably there is always a significant shift (often indirect) after traveling.
favorite souvenir/thing to bring back?
Ceramics from Japan and vintage clothes from markets in France.
what do you always have in your suitcase?
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure Castile Classic Soap, all natural and it has a million uses. Wash your body, wash your clothes, wash your hair!

Boarding Pass is a weekly column exploring the creative ways people travel.


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