Frequent Flyer

Two years ago Gabriel Leigh posted a 20-minute minute documentary about frequent flyers. Really, they’re a bit fanatics (more so than I imagined), doing whatever they can do earn points, but in a real life game of travel. This short video was popular enough to inspire a longer documentary. Through Kickstarter, the film just raised full funding, but there are still three days left in the campaign if you want to donate. Go travel!

Tipped off by BBC_Travel on Twitter

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  • Watching this vid after you posted the link on twitter. These guys are a bit on the extreme side of the FF market. It’s been over a decade since I worked in the industry, but I’d be curious to know what share of FF market these guys make up (travelers looking to rack up points to score leisure trips).

    Most airlines target their FF services/programs to businessmen who do not fit this profile — the last thing they want to do at end of the day is get a free trip to Europe/step on a plane again. The particular traveler in the video was unheard of when I worked with the airlines (or at least made up a very small segment of the market).

    It’s true that in this day and age, you can max out your lifestyle now to earn FF miles on just about everything you buy. In any case, this is a fascinating view on the lengths these travelers will go to to rack up those miles!

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