Good Things

Lately life has been a blur, but in a good way. I’m getting ready to launch a dream project that I’ve been a part of for the past couple months. I realized the other day that it’s essentially everything I wrote about in my thesis, but re-interpreted in a new and exciting way. It’s been a true labor of love, and puts writing my thesis, and then my 50 page business plan to live in France to shame. I’m excited, you should be too.

In other fun news, I make a little cameo in the latest issue of the French cooking magazine Saveurs. The article on “cuisine Asiatique” was styled by my friend Elodie, and shot by David Japy. That’s me in the corner in the green dress (page 71). My hands (with blue nails) make a cameo on page 72. Just fun.
In other food related news. Remember when my dream of being an extra came true this summer? Well, it was just for the pilot of a show, but I’m so excited for my friend Rachel whose show got picked up, and they started filming The Little Paris Kitchen for BBC2 this week!

As you read this post, I’m down in Nice, France for a fun press trip I got invited to last minute. Looking forward to sharing what comes of that very soon! In the meantime, if you need something fun this weekend, why don’t you take part in the Weekly Photo Challenge I contributed to for My theme was simple.


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