Postcards of Place

Minnesota by Johnny Slocum. . . Fact: I lived there 4 years.

Every week I’m lucky enough to come home to 1-2 beautifully written postcards from my best friend. This is something that has happened for 10 years now, even when we lived 10 blocks apart. In that time I’ve received and sent quite the gambit of postcards. Half the ones we send when we travel are just because they’re amusingly bad. Local tourism boards definitely could make some money if they designed postcards that were not god awfully cheesey and cliché. Hence, this “project” What state do you live in? initiated by Geof Crowl immediately caught my eye. It started a year on Dribbble, an interface which is a bit like Twitter for designers to share their work [in progress]. The simple question has responded in over 400 designers submitting their visual responses to the question. Type + place. I’m in heaven. View more here. {First spotted on the always inspiring Double Takes}

Malta by Benjamin Brown

Kansas by Ryan Barten . . . Fact: I lived there for 8 years.

Ontario by Tyler Galpin

Nebraska by Jared Lewandowski


  • I agree that I wish cities would provide some nicer designed postcards! A few years ago, I started collecting postcards of all the places I travel to – I write a little note to myself on the back about what the trip was for, who I was with, etc. I’ve got them all now in a photo album and it’s one of my favorite travel collections. Unfortunately, most of the postcards I have are the cheesey, cliché ones, but I try to get nice ones whenever they’re available!

  • Awesome find/project. And one of the many reasons I often make/send my own postcards à la Moo upon my return home from a trip. I’m actually working with a friend in Genova to see if we can’t improve on the decades old postcard selection for the whole of Liguria. Fingers crossed we can make the right connections and crack that market.

  • These are wonderful! AH! I love the Boulder one and the most recent of the New York ones. Totally love the Minnesota one too. I am only through the first 7 pages. OH MY.

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