Nice Bound with AirFrance

Last Tuesday I got a lovely email from the social media team of AirFrance. Next thing I knew it was Thursday and I was hopping on a plane with two other bloggers, and a handful of the AF team. While we were there to test out their cool new app, TravelBook (due out mid month – I’ll keep you posted when you can check it out for yourselves, along with my “travel book” of experiences). The trip was first and foremost an exercise in spontaneous travel, exploring and recording new places, as well as a realization of how fast iPhone batteries drain when you’re on them all day. There’s too much for one post, so I’ll be sharing more over the next couple weeks. In the meantime, here’s a quick look at Nice as I played around with Instagram a bit more. The South is so different – and relaxed – than Paris, which was great to see. Now I want to go back in spring or summer to see how Nice transforms, and enjoy some more sun.
A change of scenery in the air.
We arrived at night so it was hard to get any real sense of Nice. So when I opened the curtains of my hotel room in the morning, this view was extra impressive.
It was definitely chilly while we were there, but thankfully it did not rain (except over the water).

24 hours later we were back on a plane, and our pre-weekend came to a close. As we landed in Paris after dark, arriving into Orly airport was a pleasant surprise with far more scenic views than CDG. It may have been quick, but it was a trip to remember! Stay tuned for more on the awesome hotel we stayed at, delicious local fare, and an unexpected art museum.


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