Nice: Hotel Negresco

Last Friday I found myself having breakfast someplace I’d never expect – inside a carousel. The breakfast room, complete with moving parts. Every thirty minutes the there is a mechanical girl who plays music and several of the horses move up and down. It’s one of the more surreal places I’ve ever dined, and perhaps something one would expect to find in Vegas. Instead, it was inside the eclectically decadent Hotel Negresco. As part of the AirFrance press trip I mentioned yesterday, we stayed at this amazing, one-of-a-kind hotel along the water in Nice. Read on for a mini tour inside.
The entire hotel was a wonder world of different styles and eras all packed into one hotel, built in 1912. It’s clear there’s a rich history and story behind every room you step foot in. We were lucky enough to have a private tour and see a handful of the different rooms (there are over 100 in all).
Each of the six floors had a completely different feel from antique to African to modern.
My room was down this hall.

I must note I was completely in love with this golden wallpaper. My color and all.
One of the signature touches of the Hotel Negresco are their sparkly sinks and bathtubs. Mine were golden, but other rooms had silver or bronze. It’s not often you walk into a bathroom and have such a “wooahhh” moment.The blue fabric walls worthy of Marie Antoinette in my room matched the water in the view from my balcony. Pas mal, as the French would say.
This was one of the more entertaining rooms we visited. Apparently Japanese tourists love it.
Seriously, every room was a surprise and had a fun touch waiting around the corner. Much more impressive in person.
Even the elevator was lush and decadent, as I felt like I was traveling back in time.
Beyond the lobby you see this main room immediately setting the stage for the eclectic adventure. I couldn’t help feel a bit like a princess in a palace or dream of going to a ball in the space.
I loved the sense of history and grandeur, feeling like I was truly transported to a different time and place. It was truly a special treat to stay here. Check out more from the Hotel Negresco.

Special thanks to Lori for the private tour and the team at AirFrance! Stay tuned for the new AirFrance app, TravelBook, coming soon!


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