To Resolve

{Jon Ashcroft‘s resolution. More of Jon’s work.}

I’ve mentioned it before, I’m not one much for New Year’s resolutions. Quite frankly, they cramp my style (I’ve been regular-ing the pool/gym and then one day you’re going to come in and take over!?!). In any case, I finally found some resolutions I’m happy to get behind. To Resolve is a project that started from a conversation between Chris Streger and his now fiancé, Amy Kirby. The goal was to create a way for people to stick to their resolutions rather than tucking them away in a drawer. The results are stunning, and here – of course – are my favorite resolutions that encourage people to travel.

{Melanie Leduc‘s resolution. More of Melanie’s work.}

{Tim McCraken‘s resolution. More of Tim’s work.}

{Joe Bacigalupo‘s resolution. More of Joe’s work.}

There is TONS more – and always adding more – inspiration over on To Resolve. The project even has templates so you can start designing your own, and visit the about page to submit your own. And coming soon, the top 12 resolutions will be made into prints for sale.

Thanks for the awesome tip, Caitlin!

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