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If my mother has any complaints about my travels is that I’m not in any pictures. Benjamin Jenks solved that issue in this timelapse of his adventure hitch-hiking across America. 5,000 miles and 3,000 pictures later, he was not only able to capture what he saw, but also the 930 people he met along the way – an interesting departure from the current trend in perfectly framed timelapse landscapes. This video is all part of Adventure Sauce, his site that encourages people to spice up their lives and travel creatively. (Note: this post took me far too long to load, getting lost in his various short videos, which range from a trip to thrift stores in SF, and an interview with Kien Lam – all quite simple, but still engaging). I first came across this video thanks to Hejorama, who takes a deeper look at Jenks with a one-on-one interview about his adventures and his next plans.

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