Berlin Inspiration #1

I don’t know what it is about my upcoming trip to Berlin in May, but I’m extra excited to research the place and really get inside the city. I’ve actually been to Berlin before, about six years ago. This time I’ll be there for The Hive bloggers conference, where I’ll be speaking. (It’s not too late to get tickets! May 19-20) Despite being a two day conference, it was “cheaper” to go for a week, so I decided to seize the day–err, week. I can’t wait to be surrounded by creative folks and to talk shop. For now I wanted to share a few of the great sites I’ve found, to help encourage a little vicarious travel for everyone. To Berlin!
Slow Travel Berlin is a site that encourages the “less is more” attitude, and to get beneath the city at a more leisurely pace. While not a unique concept to Berlin, I think it’s just what I’ll need for my second visit to the city. I’ll particularly be paying attention to the design and architecture archives and what’s on.
cee cee is more of a newsletter than a website (and it’s seriously awesome). I wish I could get into their archives, but this is more of an “in the know” kind of resource that is fun to get even if you don’t live in Berlin. I’m already looking forward to checking out this paper shop and the new Danish HAY in the Mitte, and in the process I found a handy map with some of their cool finds.

uBerlin is by Brits Zoe (a photographer) and James (a freelance writer and social media analyst) who realized as that they could work from anywhere, and packed their bags for Berlin. The site features art and culture, travel and expat life – including this handy guide on moving to Berlin. (The Daily Deutsch Doodle above is by Michelle Last)

Watson Berlin is technically a list-serve for jobs, but I love that they have fun with it, along side supporting locals. As soon subscribed and learned about several interesting companies/projects in the process, which I then googled for inspiration and new leads for my travels.

A few more sites to check out:

Ok, dish! Please share more great Berlin resources in the comments!

Top image from my last trip to Berlin.


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