Disposable Stories

I’m a huge fan of when blogs find a way to connect their online presence with offline experiences. My pals over at Hejorama just launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign to raise money to expand their Disposable Stories project. The idea is that they send disposable cameras out in the world with simple guidelines where each person takes 5 pictures on the camera before passing it along. They got two cameras back from their test run, and the results were amazing (imagine, taking a picture without instant gratification these days!). The reality is that a project like this has expenses related to it, so that’s where Kickstarter comes into play. And for as little as a $10 pledge you get to feel like you’re part of something cool (as always, the team only gets the funding if they raise their full goal). I just made my pledge. You should too. Ready, GO!
Click here and here for more incredible shots from the test cameras.
CLICK HERE to support Disposable Stories on Kickstarter.

{Images by Hejorama}


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