Life is Full of Surprises (& the BBC)

If there’s anything I’ve learned in the past couple months, life is full of surprises. Not all surprises are good ones, but then, sometimes, something you least expect can come out of the blue. And a friend will tweet you to ask you if that was you that she saw picnicing with Rachel Khoo on the BBC show ‘The Little Paris Kitchen.’ I don’t know was my initial response – was I wearing a striped dress in Buttes Chaumont? We had filmed the pilot episode of the show last summer, but it was funny to be checking my phone on the way back from the market yesterday to find out that we indeed had made it into the 6th–and final–episode of season 1. It’s just a cameo appearance in the first few minutes of the show, but still a fun surprise and I love that I can say I’ve been part of something so great (full episode below). You can read more posts about my experience at Rachel’s two person restaurant: The Little Paris Kitchen, the Anthology party we put together to celebrate the completion of her manuscript, and the arrival of the book + show.

Watch the full episode. (And all episodes here and here).

Screen shots from the BBC’s The Little Paris Kitchen.
{Merci beaucoup to Chez Loulou for spotting me!}


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