Run, Paris, Run

There’s something amazing about watching 40,000 people working to the same goal at the same time on a single day. Despite being an unnecessarily cold spring day in Paris, it was still cool to watch the Paris Marathon run by this morning. [Note: clearly neon was the color of this year’s marathon!]
We staked ourselves on a bridge near Chatelet where there happened to be an awesome pep band on the quai. I think they provided us as much motivation to stay and keep cheering – despite our freezing hands – as they did the runners. I only managed to spot one of my four friends running the race, but it was still incredible to see the range of people who we’re willing to put themselves through the 26.2-mile challenge.
However, I did spot Waldo (or Charlie if your French or Wally if you’re a Brit) in the post-finish crowd! Well done, runners!

p.s. Photos from my Instagram… Click here to check out the race course.


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