Start-ups, This is How Design Works

For a quick dose of Friday inspiration, I had to share the site Start-ups, This is How Design Works. Created by graphic, UX, and interactive designer Wells Riley, the site is meant to be a guide for non-designers, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect hub for all of my favorite resources as well. On a regular basis I find myself attempting to explain to people exactly what it is I do, so a site like this helps just that more. Good design is the future and applies across all industries. Check it out.

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  • This is perfect. It is crazy to know people dont understand how design influences so many of their choices or that someone puts a lot of thought into how every little thing looks. I will now refer people to this. Unfortunately a lot of people that I try to explain this to don’t understand or use the internet (oh my dear dear family).

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