The Cheese Shop :: Williamsburg, VA

When I told Grace (Design*Sponge herself) that I was headed to Williamsburg on mypress trip, the first thing she told me was “Go to The Cheese Shop.” As someone who went to William & Mary and knows the area well (in addition to fully trusting her style), I knew this had to be a priority on my trip. I drove down to Williamsburg from Alexandria around noon to avoid major traffic. The plan worked great and I made it in just over 2.5 hours. I checked in to our hotel (the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel). The lack of anything to eat immediately in the area was the perfect excuse to hop to the shuttle and make my way to The Cheese Shop (410 W Duke of Gloucester Street). Of course en route I walked passed a Revolutionary re-enactment, but hey, that’s just another day in Colonial Williamsburg!
The Cheese Shop is perfectly located near Merchant Avenue, where Colonial Williamsburg and William & Mary meet, for a simple, yet delicious spot that everyone can enjoy. Inside you enter a gourmet market with simple Southern charm. And even for someone who lives in France, their selection of cheeses caught my eye (they have halloumi, a favorite when I was in Cyprus). What they’re really known for are their sandwiches (queue on the left, pick up on the right). It was hard to decide, but on my first visit I opted for the BBQ sandwich (yum!). Clearly it hit the spot, because I went back the next day and loved the egg salad sandwich too (double yum!). The bread was stellar as well (which can make or break a sandwich), and clearly the “bread ends” are very popular with the local population. The day was beautiful and I enjoyed my sandwich on the patio, as I watched the locals, college students and visitors doing just the same.
So when you make it to Williamsburg, take Grace’s advice and visit The Cheese Shop! (All my friends who went to William & Mary agree!) It’s the perfect way to re-join the 21st century.
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