Where every day starts in 1776 :: Colonial Williamsburg

What if you walked down the street hearing talk of the Revolution? What if no one had a cell phone, horses were the preferred mode of transportation and everything you bought was made by hand? Welcome to 1776 Colonial Williamsburg, and the challenge of independence. A stroll down the Duke of Gloucester Street and you’ll be quite surprised by what you’ll over hear. This is the setting for Revolutionary City street theater, the largest living history museum in the world. You can ask questions, hear the story of anyone you meet, and learn about many sides and perspectives to the situation. The idea is “that the future may learn from the past.”
Before you go, “tour the town” online to help get your bearings and what lies ahead. There are even podcasts and video interviews that may be helpful before or after your visit. While in Colonial Williamsburg make sure you take as much time as possible to pop in the shops and learn about the various trades (the weaver was my personal favorite). You’ll know there is something to visit if there is a British flag out front. Some places are not open every day, but everything is clearly market on the weekly map/schedule they give you when you pick up your tickets.

A range of ticket entry options exist with special deals for youth, groups and purchases made online. Based on our experience, I’d recommend at least a day at each general area (i.e. Historic Jamestowne – post forthcoming). It’s fun to go back and visit Colonial Williamsburg at different times of day, when different events in history are taking place, so definitely consider a multi-day pass or a historic triangle pass that gives you a bit more flexibility to your visit. In terms of dress code, there isn’t one, but it’s pretty neat to see kids dressed up and getting into the part, so costumes are encouraged (even if it’s just a hat).
{Images by Anne S. Ditmeyer. Click for more on Flickr. An interactive version of the map can be found on history.org.}

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