Paris Travel Tip #1

Between May and the end of July I’m expecting a whopping 20 visitors from the US. I have my work cut out for me as “tour guide” so I’m trying to find fun and creative ways to keep it interesting for me too. So I thought it’d be fun to put together a little “Paris Travel Tip” series where I visually illustrate some tips to get the most out of Paris. Really, these tips are just as much for people who live here, but I wanted to keep newbies in mind.

Tip #1: When you have the choice between stairs and the escalator, always take the stairs. (& eat more pastries).

All this being said, despite being full of ideas – especially after The Hive – I’m terribly behind in my blogging. More fabulous BOARDING PASS features are on their way, so hold tight and visit the archives in the meantime. I still have tons more to share from Berlin, highlights from the conference, and I haven’t touched my wonderful trip to Budapest yet either. I have a few friends working on some fun content too that I know you’ll love, and of course many more French Lessons.

Happy Memorial Day, America & Joyeux Pentecost, France! (Paris feels so much like August this weekend –it’s like a ghost town, everyone is off for the holiday. I love it!).


  • I find it refreshing to play tourist in the place where you live. Now that I live outside Europe, I play tourist in Paris (my hometown) each time I am coming back for time off. I really like it and I visit places or do stuffs I would not do if I was still living there. It is so refreshing. I cannot wait to see your posts to give me ideas. On my side I will also try to blog about my tourist view of my home that I will be visiting in June.

  • Addendum: Except when a metro station has an elevator, choose that! (Abbesses! :)

    And always stand to the right on the escalator and moving walkways … or you’ll soon feel heavy breathing on your neck, but not the kind you wanted in Paris.

  • Ha, Lynn! I actually typically take the stairs at Abbessess too (just depends how tired I am! ;) ). I’ve made my friends take the stairs too – the murals + distance are impressive.

    And good point about standing to right so people can pass on the left!


  • Can’t wait to read the rest of the tips! They’ll definitely come in handy for my trip to Paris next March :)


  • Oh this is such a treat! I’m slowly realizing that my Paris trip is coming to reality soon. So is Paris rather empty in August? (looking at the “ghost town” mention)

  • Yes, Efrutik. Parisians often get 5-9 weeks of vacation a year, and most take off 2-4 weeks in August. Since everyone takes off in August, no one can get work done, so it works! It’s a little annoying that some of my favorite spots are closed, but you can really become a local and everyone who sticks around is much more relaxed… And the end of Aug/ 1st week in Sept is “la rentrée” – you feel the stress build, and that’s when I like to run away.


  • How do you find time to do all that you do aha!! You should open your own little tour business/food tour across Paris :)

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