Roomorama: Berlin Studio Style

I think Brittany summed up our weekend in Berlin at The Hive Conference the best when she said, “it’s weird how unweird the weekend was.” With just a few exceptions, I’d never met the majority of people at the conference in person before, yet there was this strange feeling we’d known each other forever (Brittany is one of those). Yet there’s something about blogging that is like a language we all “get” and don’t have to attempt to explain to others. So Brittany, Rubi and I started talking on Twitter about sharing a place in Berlin (even though Rubi lives in Paris and cuts my hair, Twitter is just more convenient!). We got really lucky when Roomorama decided to team up with us. We had our pick of apartments listed on their site. There were several stylish ones that caught our eye, and others were out of our price range. But this loft was love at first site for all of us when we saw the listing, so we were over-joyed when we found out it was available. It was such an inspiring space to hangout and work in (stay tuned, Ashley came over on the last day to shoot some DIY projects Brittany was working on while we had the great space!). Here’s a little look around….

The main room and the carpet we aptly named “the grass.” (Side note: just for reference, my Paris apartment is about the size of the “grass” – no joke!).

This is what bloggers do.

Fun lighting and good furniture.

The bedroom with a HAY bedspread and stylish reads on the magazine rack.

Photographs of raw spaces in the somewhat raw space.

View back into the main room with kitchen.

I love working at kitchen tables, especially when they look like this one.

The bathroom: dinosaur + peeled posters from the street, and mirrored walls.

Polaroid photoshoot in front of the bookshelf column. (Stay tuned for Rubi‘s post to see the results).

And no loft would be complete without an old school boombox.

By the end we all wanted to move in and never wanted to leave. Click here for the full listing for “our” Friedrichshain loft.

Thanks for the great stay, Roomorama!

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. It reflects the honest opinion of the author.


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