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A couple months back you may remember that I was on a press trip with Air France to Nice to scope out the city, while testing out their new Facebook/iPhone app Travel Book by Air France. I’m excited to finally share it now that it’s officially been released. People are always asking me for recommendations for a place, and I seem to go blank as soon as they ask do, so this app is a really great way to record and remember your favorite places. I particularly love the integrated map/route, which makes it easy to see how places relate to each other so you can plan your day. The app is best used while you’re on your travels for the GPS locating, but you can curate your travel book in hind-sight too (what I did). You can find my album linked through my Prêt à Voyager Facebook page, or search for my album ‘Nice is Nice’ on Travel Book. Such a fun way to re-visit my travels.
Oh yeah, and did I mention I’m in the promo video for the app too? (Yes, that’s me on the YouTube freeze frame). Thankfully they let me speak English on camera! Tech expert Gonzague, and Romain, the founder of Fubiz, a site full of awesome finds, were on the trip as well.

A few tips for using the app:

  • Make sure you charge your phone if you plan on doing a lot of uploading.
  • It’s still the 1st edition of the app so there may be some kinks. Start by saving your images one at a time – you’ll know when they’re properly uploaded. My first try my book wasn’t properly saved and I had to start over from scratch.
  • If you have internet/3G service during your travel it’s much easier to have the GPS feature locate where you are. (In future versions of the app, I hope you can type in an address and that it will have a “memory” to which city you’re in each time you pin an image).
  • The app is fully accessible from your iPhone, but you can also search other travel books on Facebook once you have installed the app.
  • You can pull images from your camera library on your phone or take a new picture within the app.
  • The app doesn’t work just like Foursquare, so make sure you write the name of the place and any other valuable information in the comment field.
  • You can change viewing modes so you can flip between the images and the map.
  • The best way to get to know the app is just to dig in, clicking and start exploring.

Happy Travel Book-ing! Follow Air France on Facebook for the latest updates.

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