Paris Travel Tip #2

Tip #2: Don’t look any further than the walls of the metro to find out what’s happening around the city right now.

You don’t need to open a book, newspaper, magazine, application or website to find out what’s going on in this city. From museum exhibits to concerts, and special events sponsored by the city, it’s all plastered right in front of your eyes – literally. I’m constantly thinking “oh, I have to catch that before it closes” thanks to a poster in the metro. It’s the ultimate unintentional multi-tasking as you make your way through your day. Also, I have to say I get a ton of design inspiration from the posters – there’s some great typography happening down there too!

Travel Challenge: Do something that you saw on a poster in the metro.

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  • Very true! I feel like they are super on top of keeping their metro posters up to date and alluring! I’ll never forget the wonderful My Fair Lady ones… HOT PINK.

    And then they got crazy when Ikea put couches everywhere! (Not even related, but still cool!)

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