Paris Travel Tip #3

Tip #3: McDo has the most reliable + free wi-fi in the city.

Leela was in town this week and found herself happily on vacation, disconnecting by staying in an apartment without internet. However, for trying to meet up, lack of internet made it a bit more challenging. But as soon as I told her all McDonald’s in Paris have free wi-fi she was set. As many cafés that do have wi-fi tend to close early, when my internet is down at home, on several occasions I’ve found myself working late night at the local McDo. The extra perk? Besides being far more stylish than the US locations, they serve beer in France (as long as you get something to eat too). McDonald’s can also be a good place if you need a public restroom, but be warned you may have to pay (and with exact change).

Theoretically parks and gardens around Paris have free wi-fi, however I’ve never had much luck accessing it. Thankfully, if you’re coming to Paris I hope you’re trying to enjoy Paris more than constantly checking your email. If you can’t connect, take it as a sign – you shouldn’t be working.

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  • This is a wonderful travel tip and a lesson I had to learn quickly. I also agree that you should spend your limited time seeing this beautiful city. Those few emails can be checked anytime. How often are most people going to find themselves in Paris?

  • Thank you for the tip! It can be impossible to find reliable wifi while traveling. That said, emails can wait while your in one of the most enchanting and romantic cities in the world.

  • They do indeed, Deepa! In fact, McDo is super popular amongst teenagers (and not as cheap in the US). At least it’s far “cooler” design-wise than the US. It really is “hip.”


  • So funny! Yes, we just got back from a few days in Europe (finishing with 3 days in Paris at the beginning of this week) and we relied on McDo many times for wifi and bathrooms! How funny that I didn’t see this tip until returning from my vacation ;)

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