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Summer. Tis the season for travel, and the question: “I’m going to [fill in the blank], do you have any recommendations?” While I’ve been a lot of places, the world is vast, so I thought it’d be most helpful to share my favorite “go to” resources for going anywhere. They’re pretty fun too even if you’re don’t have anything planned just yet.

1. Everplaces – Think Pinterest, but for travel and experiences that inspires you to get off your computer and go somewhere, rather than staying on it for hours at a time. There are a few platforms like this out on the market now, but this is by far my favorite for its great design, smooth interface and accompanying app. It’s not only a way to discover great knew places, but I love it as a way for me to record the highlights of my trip and share a link with friends for their next trip. Personally I like to keep my selections well edited so it’s not overwhelming when going to a new place – only sharing my top picks with an image or two I took. Here’s my guest post on their blog about my trip to Budapest on 24-hours notice.

2. Afar – This beautiful print travel magazine also has an accompanying social media component. It’s another resource that tends to be for the travel savvy, “in the know” (since they’re the audience that read the magazine too). It’s a mix of related blogposts and Q&A (with answers from people like you), and there are helpful filters and “wanderlists” to get you the info you want. You have to sign up (free) to use it, but it’s worth it!

3. The New York Times Travel – I’ve always been a fan of their 36 Hours guides because they are less overwhelming as three days limits how much you can see and do. They have quite a collection of cities at this point, and even made it into a book that Taschen published last year. Their T Style blog and In Transit blogs are great for up to date happenings around the world in major cities.

4. Design*Sponge City Guides – What started as a small collection of city guides by creative folks has been built up over the years (and updated) to showcase a wide collection of places, big and small, around the world. Yours truly authored the Baltimore and Parisguides.

5. Fathom Away is a relatively young site for the amount quality content they’ve posted. Together they compile articles, practical advice, inspiration and even an online shop for travel-inspired finds. They’re a good place to go to see which bloggers they’ve featured in their city guides.

6. Gran Tourismo Travels – It’s hard to believe two people have seen so much of the world, but professional guide book and travel writers Lara Dunston and Terence Carter spent a year changing cities around the world every two weeks while documenting their local experiences. They’ve slowed their pace, but keep on traveling, and their site is an incredibly comprehensive look at what feels like everywhere. See Lara and Terence on Boarding Pass.

7. Travel Anywhere Cards – This is the offline solution to traveling anywhere. Magda Lipka Falck created this series of “generic” cards that can be applied to any location. By default it becomes a little bit of a game. See Magda on Boarding Pass.

P.S. You may want to check out this post about finding great things and connecting with people when you’re new to town. Many of the ideas apply to when you travel too!
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