In January of 2009 I started BOARDING PASS as a way to gain a little insight into the minds of travelers and to prove that travel doesn’t have to be just one style. It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve been fortunate to meet an incredible number of the participants in person – a perk of featuring travelers, I suppose. In doing a bit of housekeeping on my blog, I decided that this week, instead of loading a new post, I’d update my master page of participants. While 129 isn’t any special number, I’m still so impressed with everything everyone – from bloggers to photographers, stylists, authors and just plain awesome travelers – has contributed over the years in some truly amazing and inspiring posts. Rather than re-posting everything on the main page, click HERE for all past editions of BOARDING PASS (which you can always find on the top tab as well). Happy [vicarious] travels!

p.s. You can find me over on SFGirlbyBay today where I wrote a guest post while Victoria is on vacation. You can find Victoria on BOARDING PASS right here.

p.s.s. I’ve also been doing a bit of housekeeping on my professional/portfolio site. See the latest at


  • J’en profite donc aussi pour te dire merci pour la première fois pour ton blog en général et ta série de “boarding pass”, que j’adore lire depuis longtemps. Tes articles sont toujours de qualité et pertinents et surtout me permettent de m’évader un peu, même quand ce n’est pas notre tour de voyager et vivre des aventures! Tes articles et recommandations m’ont souvent amenés vers des liens qui m’ont été utiles dans ma planification et mes voyages. Un gros merci de Montréal :) Audrey

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