Get Out

I have this bad habit of not leaving the apartment on some days. I just get in a zone and keep working. It’s not the healthiest, because clearly it means I’m on my computer most of the time too. So when Victoria of SFgirlbybay invited me to do a guest post on her blog, I knew I wanted to put together something that encouraged people to get out and explore. I pulled together some of my favorite Instagram images with a little text – a challenge of sorts – to help people see where they live in a new way too. These are just three of many, which you can see over here!
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  • Lovely photographs – they capture Paris beautifully. It’s great fun taking the camera out in your local area and photographing your surroundings – it’s awesome what surprises and delights it can behold! :)

  • I wish your blog had a ‘like’ button! These are fantastic photos. “The hour when things start to glow” is all to familiar to me – usually when i’m starting at a job site. I forget about the magic in that hour sometimes…

  • Antonia, Thanks! Being slightly nomadic at the moment is helping me appreciate even further the little discoveries the world holds.

    Thanks, AP! You can follow and like on Instagram. My blog needs an overhaul, but other projects are taking my attention for now.


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