London 2012 // OLYMPICS

Greetings from London! After a long couple weeks in Paris, I popped over to London yesterday morning to visit my friend Margaret and check out some Olympic spirit for the next few days. Going to the Olympics has always been a dream of mine. It’s been great fun, and luckily the weather has been in our favor so far. Getting tickets is definitely as hard as it sounds from the articles online. You can’t even get into the Olympic Park without a ticket, which you have to purchase online. Fortunately, yesterday I was able to catch the view (directly below) from John Lewis department store (the entire shopping area is closed today and tomorrow, so I’m lucky I caught it when I did). Still, it’s been amazing watching events live on the big screen near the Tower Bridge, or in a bar over a pint. The city is definitely full of energy, and the logo that seemed so controversial when it was released several years ago manages to do a great job differentiating the Olympics from the city scape. There are volunteers all over who are doing an awesome job keeping everything flowing. It is definitely crowded, but it’s moving for sure.

P.S. I found my last minute train ticket through an SNCF-Voyages e-newsletter. Definitely the best deals around!

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