Build It and They Will Come

October 6th will mark the one-year anniversary of the flashmob film-maker Nirvan Mullick surprised 9-year old Caine Monroy. (You may remember from this post). Caine is the mastermind behind the cardboard arcade he built in his father’s used autoparts shop in L.A. Nirvan was Caine’s first customer and since then, neither of their lives have been the same. Caine was invited to Cannes over the summer to speak on entrepreneurship and what you can learn from being a kid again, and even AdWeek has an article on him, and how he’s shaking up the playing field of advertisers, showing what cardboard and creativity lead to. The scholarship Nirvan set up for Caine also exceeded anyone’s wildest expectations, and now the team is up to their latest endeavor: the Imagination Foundation, celebrating innovation and creativity, and and a worldwide Cardboard Challenge. The idea is that October 6th is a worldwide day of play, and the site invites anyone to use their creative juices and put together an event. It’s just a few days away, but just watch the video above and you’ll already be in awe.


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