French Lessons: Tenir la chandelle

There are certain phrases that are just better in a foreign language. Tenir la chandelle is one of them. Think about it, what does “being the third wheel” actually mean? Tricycles exist. But the French version of the same phrase – tenir la chandelle – makes me chuckle because if you’re the odd wo/man out when hanging out with a couple, then you are “the one who holds the candle.” How romantic!

French Lessons is an ongoing series where I teach you French words and cultural lessons while beefing up my Illustrator skills.


  • As you know, Anne, i am an outsider with the English language, better skilled with les langues of Descartes and Duque de Alba, del romance y de las flores; and yet with sufficient authority to consider chandelle, as you well did , more romantic -and useless to go- than wheel.
    In a world submerged in an excess of words ; the latter become useless, worn too much; he meanwhile stays as a centered universal lack of sense amongst the sufficience and multiplicity of the meanings; for an efficient world, make it a wheel; for a monde
    d´amour; une chandelle.

    But extend the love of two -just a begin- to love of more!

  • Andi, too funny, you’ll have to drop it into conversation at dinner tonight ;)

    Nona, great minds think alike!

    Robin, at least I guess a candle is practical for light in a historic sense.

    Vive Trianon, maybe we should start speaking in “translated English” – ha!


  • I can’t say I’m familiar with the ‘third wheel’ expression. It England this was known as ‘playing the gooseberry’. I’ve got no idea where it comes from, but it’s pretty colourful too!

  • Oh! We have a similar expression in Italian “reggere il moccolo”, literally to hold the candle-end. the expression seems to date back to the 19th century: noblemen used to go to meet up with their secret love at night and they needed someone the hold a light in order to … Well, you got it, haven’t you? ;)
    Lovely blog, by the way! Elena x

  • Anne, i know many people do not like to say their artistic secrets; but how do you make your designs?

    Do you use a computer program like photoshop or similar or do you draw by hand and then scan ?

    Here is a tiling of the plane i found 4 days ago,made with European Geo Gebra, with 2 irregular equilateral polygons of 9 and 11 sides respectively. I wish i would be more artistic, less mathematical, i still do not know very well how to draw a cat or a horse or a woman if i do not see them or a snap of them.

  • The funny thing Ann, is that we also say “la cinquième roue du Carrosse” (the fifth wheel of the carriage : to mean that one is the one that should’t be there, the extra one”. So when you have 3 wheels in English, you have one useless… we need five :-)

    Thank you for these!


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