Paris vs. NYC in Motion

It’s been amazing watching the work of Varham Muratyan grow and develop over the years from the blog Paris vs. NYC, to shop, the book, work for Prada, Le Monde and more. He’s even participated in BOARDING PASS! Now motion designer Tony Miotto has taken Varham’s illustrations from the book and made them come to life. Check it out below.

{via Fubiz}


  • I had heard of this blog, but never stopped to view & read. Delightful blog, video & even his Facebook page which I just “liked”. And I just went back to read your/his Boarding Pass interview. These days I’m trying hard to stop & smell the roses, to be in the present. Your Boarding Pass interviews are a wonderful reminder to do just that…and thanks for this new find of Paris Vs. NYC!

  • And they both were catholic CDG and JFK and both had understood the sky is lazy, you got to help yourself, you got alone; they lie to you; independance is a hard aim.

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