Field Trip

The more stressed I get, the greater the tendency I have to sit in front of the  computer all day, which in turn only distracts me more and stresses me further for not accomplishing what I set out to that day. The reality is that disconnecting, going for a swim or a stroll inspires me most. In an interesting twitter exchange last week with Judith, I realized that my best ideas literally happen when I’m walking through the halls of the metro (true for Paris + NYC, but yet to test this theory elsewhere). She asked me why, and I realized it’s because when I’m walking through the metro I’m making connections – literally.

So that brings me to Field Trip, a new Google Play app. It’s designed to get you out into the world and seeing new things, sharing bits of information you may not have otherwise known. It’s so easy to take for granted the place we live, so even a simple app can share things you may have never realized were right in front of you. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to test out the app myself yet, as it’s only on Android, but you can get more scoop here and here. From what I’ve seen I’m already impress with the design of the app, and nice use of typography, so that’s always a bonus. I worry about battery power and having it “on” all the time though.

{Images via Field Trip}


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