Les Secrets des Parisiens

I have to admit I’m not really sure how people with full-time jobs live and function in Paris (or anywhere, really). I’m thankful I’m a freelancer with a flexible schedule because I spend half my life running around collecting documents and such. While looking deceptively like American culture on the outside, there are so many subtle differences that make my life here so Parisian.

My Little Paris has a new book Les Parisians, based on their fun video series, Ce que Disent les Parisiens. And just based on their fun little promo video, I can tell you so many of the things they mention – for better or for worse – are so true:

  • Cozy = miniscule and animated = noisy and atypical = shower in the kitchen [so TRUE!]
  • Waiting in epic lines to see apartments
  • The corking of 10+ bottles of champagne at a party
  • Dancing on rooftops

Even if you don’t speak French, you’ll pick up some key phrases and mannerisms. Bah, oui! Seriously though, how cute is this page from the book?

{Merci for the tip, Cat!}


  • Il faut s´attacher à l´esprit parisien; pas à sa lettre; je trouve la province lointaine quoique douce, potentiellement plus vivante; délocalisons un peu le centre; le centre d´une portion de sphère se trouve naturellement partout. Un centre ne doit pas être artificiel; les provinces existent bien aussi.

    PS: Nothing against cosmopolitan and french fertile parisianism however.

  • I love My Little Paris and their videos! Thanks for sharing. And coming from a freelancing and having a full time job–it sucks!!! I feel like I have no time for anything. Hopefully I can transition in to a full time freelancer soon :) Thanks for the post!

  • Anne, we should learn, when french is the language , to talk longer, not in the hurry on the sweet though old country of the middle, one of the centers of southern Europe; that week-end is not only too short; but barbarism; let the good things sound some longer: que la fin de la semaine soit bonne, aimable aussi, et cependant légère.

    Bon finde (1) à tous !

    (1): fin de semaine mais en plus court, sans que ce soit barbare.

  • Mystified by that illo
    why do they have the big square you can move around..
    I’ve been trying to figure that out since I found it…
    Is it what you wish you had in a Paris apart?
    I wanted to go to the book signing/BHV yesterday but missed it

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