Since late July I’ve apartment hopped around seven apartments in four different neighborhoods of Paris (+ London). I’ve had visitors for the past two weeks straight, which included eight in one weekend (I only saw six). On top of it I gave four Vayable tours in 5 days last week, which is the perfect excuse for me to get deeper in Paris while meeting great people. Just now am I taking a deep breath and a moment to reflect. While this lifestyle isn’t for everyone (I am totally a member of Generation Flux), for me right now it works – so much so, I’ve decided to coin it ‘nomadicity.’

There is no official definition for ‘nomadicity’ just yet, but I see it as embracing the freedom of not knowing what’s happening tomorrow and the flexibility to respond to what life throws your way, being ok with and excited by uncertainty, savoring the ability to work from anywhere, and having a love for explorating new places (but not without having a few regular haunts).

What is perhaps most ironic is that while working on this post yesterday I received an email yesterday that the apartment I had lined up for November fell through. It seems as though the fates don’t want me to have any bit of stability. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit with the news, and try not to dread my last memories of the apartment search. My mom always taught me that the reality of life is that even when something is lined up, there’s always the possibility it could fall through (it happened to her once with a job… and a better one came along next). While I was looking forward to a bit more stability in my life next month, right now I’m choosing to embrace my ‘nomadicity’ in every sense of the word. I mean, what else can you do?

Do you have any ‘nomadicity’ in you?

P.S. My recent blog silence is going to be totally. Lauren O’Neill and I are back at work on an exciting new project we’re looking forward to launching later this month!

P.S.S. Send any budget-friendly apartment leads my way. Merci!


  • First of all, very excited to see what you & Lauren create next! Loved your collaboration on Wayfare and she is one of my favorite people. Second, very cool on the Vayable tours. I will so recommend your page! I’m at work on an interview/travel project of sorts that I hope to launch in November. And ‘nomadicity’? Wow, that so speaks to me as I have roamed & lived in so many places all over the US & a brief stay in Milan. Next up- Denver! Each place, experience has made me grow so much. I think having that adaptability serves you so well in life!

  • Leslie, Definitely sounds like it applies to you too! Excited for your adventures as well. I moved around a lot as a kid, so perhaps it really is in my blood… As for the project, it’s totally different from what Lauren and I did before, but very much looking forward to it!


  • Anne, whatever your new project is, I know it will be so beautifully designed! I grew up on a farm in Virginia in a house my dad was born, but my mom grew up in the rich culture of Miami – Latino, Jewish & black. Natl Geographic was a reading mainstay of my childhood & travel was my mother’s preferred method of education. I feel lucky to have many ‘nomadicity’ experiences.( Am loving that word!) Good luck on the apt hunt. I’m “homeless” myself for a month or so.

  • Oh, how frustrating! I’m sorry to hear about the apartment. As I stare at yet another stack of boxes in my living room, I’m afraid that nomadicity has become not just a phase, but my life! I’m going to try to it embrace it and roll with the punches like you — thanks for the inspiration.

  • Nomadicity is my life and I kinda love it. Life is like a beach wave: you can either fight it and have it crash on you, or you ride it like a surfer and have fun. Corny analogy, i know, but sometimes it is good to remind myself that I have a choice on how to deal with unexpected outcomes or situations. In regards to traveling, it is all about the uncertainty. How else would you discover anything?

  • You inspire me! Nomadicity describes who I am in my soul. Although I’ve been living in Portland, Oregon now for four years, it’s time to say goodbye and live with a little more excitement and uncertainty. I plan to visit Paris (again) soon, and travel throughout Europe next year.

    I love reading your blog!


  • this is the first blog i go throw , its probably the name since its in french and i love french :)

    i loved everything u said it just gave me joy !

    “embracing the freedom of not knowing what’s happening tomorrow and the flexibility to respond to what life throws your way” what u just said over there will me my next goal .
    living without worries and open up to all the possibilities life offers me as a 19 years old girl :)

    -THANK YOU :)

  • I’ve been a nomad since born? heheh I remember going to 7 different schools as a kid and moved houses about the same amount and then I decided to migrate to Australia in 2001, and have lived in 3 different states and more than 10 apartments. My job is all-over the place, I have tried 3 times to get a proper job BUT I GET BORED OFF MY SOCKS> The only thing that is permanent in my life is I got married to a guy who has a similar sensibilities like me which is hilarious and working as a casual in a disability organisation that was supposed to be temporary for the last 6 years! What i really want to do is to work in my area of education which i have been studying for the last 12 years( i cannot stop myself)- Arts management, whether its going to happen, I have no idea. Life is such- this nomadic lifestyle! :) Am glad there are people like me coz I am often seen as a weirdo, well, my partner too. hehehe.

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