Road Trip, USA

I think one of the challenges of being a creative type is keeping things fresh, finding new ways to do what you do (and more efficiently) and continually striving to take your work to the next level. Trust me, it keeps life much more interesting in the process. Two years ago I posted Mike Matas‘s journey to Morocco and Spain, as well as through India. Now, he and his girlfriend, Sharon Hawng (who also happens to provide the adorable illustrations for the opening and closing) have taken things to the next level: documenting their road trip across the U.S. The technique of compiling of thousands of still images hasn’t greatly changed, but the location sure has.

P.S. Individual prints from the road trip are for sale here!


  • I enjoyed watching the journey to Marocco and Spain as i am a spaniard myself and living in Spain. By the way,have you ever noticed how those European Spaniard guys tend to copy the names of the USA towns ? They have a little town called San Francisco; i wouldn´t be surprised they´d also copy Alburquerque; Amarillo or Boca Ratón.

  • This video is as great as the ones from Morocco and Spain! Makes me want to hop in my car and go for a roadtrip so badly!! Thanks for sharing! Kristina x

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