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  • March 6, 2014 at 2:44 am // Reply

    Love this image. I’ve visited Paris and the countryside on a few occasions and it hasn’t included the dusting of snow.

    I continue to experience an odd phenomenon:

    With no exceptions, everyone I know (barely know or even passers-by) refer to the fact that it never snows in Paris. Ever.

    …they all follow this matter-of-fact statement with “… it never HAS snowed in Paris except for the time I spent there… all of a sudden it started to snow and it was so exquisite…yadayadayada”…

    Clearly, it snows a lot more in Paris than previously noted. How can so many people be reporting this unusual occurrence on such a regular basis?!

    Your lovely image has me thinking. I’m really curious, now.

    How often does it snow in Paris…?

    Why do so many claim that snowflakes never fall on Paris..?

    and/ or why ONLY when THEY were present?

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