HIGH FIVE: Copenhagen

These days if nothing else there is an excess of information. My challenge for myself is to make sense of it, and help “package” it in a way that concisely captures the key points, while also being able to share it. Selfishly, I’d rather share a link rather than write another epic email, and besides, everyone can have access.

My “High Five” series is my way of editing down and choosing my five favorite places on a trip (I then enter + map them all on Everplaces). For so long I’d try to follow guides and realize there ways WAY too much to try to do, and without a map I had no clue how far apart they really were. (My Parisian sense of city failed me when I attempted – and succeeded, but not joyously – to walk between Park Slope and Williamsburg, Brooklyn). So while this post is great and all, you should really click over and see my pretty Copenhagen in 1 Day collection on Everplaces, with more pictures there too.

All these places were inspired by Blog’nhagen, a design blogger meet-up in Copenhagen last July that was organized by Brittany + Maria. Everplaces even made a free app inspired by Blog’nhagen in the iTunes store. (The Everplaces team also happens to be based in Copenhagen, so you know that city is covered on the platform with great insider tips!).

1. Royal Copenhagen is one of those things I grew up around, as my parents have collected their signature blue Christmas plates for years. So it was a real treat to get invited to paint my own plate in their Flagship Store. This isn’t a service typically open to the public, but why not inquire and keep an eye on their social media to see if there are any special openings.

2. The Blognhagen bloggers were lucky enough to be put up in the beautiful Kong Arthur hotel. It’s part of the larger Brochner hotel group, which include Ibsens Hotel which was a design hotel we visited (and conveniently served our “breakfast in a cup” the next morning – so good). The Ibsen style really caught my eye.

3. The Royal Cafe is best known for their sumshi – an open faced sushi/sandwich, which are so popular they even published a book about them. Apparently they’re a bit hit, and you can now find The Royal Cafe in Japan too! The interior is fun and quirky too.

4. Ok, despite what this photo looks like this shop is all about chocolate, and it’s to die for. Jesper Rahbek was our teacher and master chocolate guru at A XOCO. (He offers chocolate classes!). During Blognhagen we were lucky to make our own “Foam Kisses” (see photo + dip in chocolate), which were heavenly. The metallic chocolates I got on the way out were also outstanding.

5. These cinnamon rolls from Meyer’s Bageri were seriously amazing (the Danes do bread really well), but it made extra sense once we learned that the guy behind the bakery is also behind Noma, which is considered one of the best restaurants in the world.

Click here to see them all mapped out. Don’t miss all the places we visited that day, and all my past Blog’nhagen posts + videos here.

NEXT VISIT TO COPENHAGEN: I definitely want to brave the cold swim at Havnebadet, check out the design shop HAY, and will cross check with Brittany’s Copenhagen guide she wrote for Fathom Away.

BTW, wanna hang out virtually? Well, we can! Just sign up for my map making class on Skillshare. $20 and you get to make your own map next month!


High Five is a series that looks at the highlights of a place, including Reims, Berlin, Budapest, Williamsburg, VA, and Nice. Everything is mapped on Everplaces too (for desktop + app viewing)!


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