New Year, New Look

I started this site on Bastille Day 2007 as a personal project to get my creativity going in a way it wasn’t being fulfilled by my day job. That was 5.5+ years and 1,241 posts later, and a lot has changed since then. Of key importance is that I actually live in Paris now.

There are certain things that this city has taught me, but the key lesson today is style and refinement. The style of Frenchwomen doesn’t come from having a million clothes and accessories. (Their closets only overflow because apartments are so small). Instead it’s about having a few key pieces that work and make you feel great. From first glimpse my blog probably doesn’t look that different, but as with this stylish Frenchwoman walking down the street (she is a far more together version of me on my about page in the same color) it’s just about putting together the pieces in a more sophisticated way. As someone who wears many hats, I feel like I’ve finally found a way to tie all the pieces together (I’ve even added FAQ and consulting pages, as well as starting to offer workshops). I’ll warn you now, that like any life lessons growing up, the move to my new WordPress platform was not without its hiccups. Many images in the archives have yet to be re-sized, tags added, or links may not work – a process that will be manual in my case, even in a digital age. But you all are a resourceful bunch, and the search button works like a charm! Also, for your pro tip, deleting .html from the end of an old post may just get you where you need to be (growing pains, I tell you).

As today marks the start of les soldes in France, I leave you to consider those little additions or tweaks you can add to your life to help you tell your story and add a simple touch of fabulousness to the everyday. Speaking of today, les soldes + lèche vitrine are key words you should know from past “French Lessons.” While the headlines about France these days aren’t the greatest, there is still much we have to learn from each other.

Happy Exploring!

// image from @pretavoyager on Instagram! Follow me there for more Paris fun!  //

P.S. I did this blog migration myself, so my apologies if you need to sign up for the RSS again. High five to all the developers and coders of the world. After this experience I have even more respect for what you do!


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