Olive Us: Betty in Paris

Surprise, surprise, I woke up to another grey day in Paris. But there’s something about the grey that is just so Paris. So many photos and postcards you see of Paris are sunny and perfect, but a certain charm is missing from the reality of days. When I watched the latest “Olive Us” episode with “Betty in Paris” I was hooked from the very first Amelie-esque scene. Then I realized that the charm really was in the way that colorful Betty in red and blue stands out against the “blah” Paris. The Blair family – all 8 of them – is an American family living in Normandy for over a year now and their adventures are chronicled on Gabby’s blog, Design Mom. “Olive Us” is a video series in conjunction with the fabulously talented Tiger in a Jar that captures so many simply delightful moments about their life in France (and sometimes their travels). They’re all great but this episode is seriously beyond adorable!

Produced by Ben + Gabrielle Blair
A Tiger in a Jar Production
Title Illustration by Merrilee Liddiard

Watch all Olive Us episodes here!


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  • I love your website. And I followed your link to the other Olive Us videos. They are absolutely adorable! I share your passion with Paris. 19 years ago I lived there for 6 months while studying in the city. I wasn’t yet ready to leave when my husband (fiance at the time) flew to Paris to seduce me home. And now 19 years later we are returning with our kids for a 4 week visit to France. Wish we were moving there, but a visit will have to do for now. :) I’d love to be on your email list.

    • Thanks so much for the sweet words, JaNell! Your experiences sound great and I think a 4 week visit is perfect. SO much less stress than actually living here, but you can totally adopt the French ways. (All my Paris tips are here: http://www.pret-a-voyager.com/visit-paris/). Unfortunately I don’t have an email list just yet, but you can subscribe via RSS with the icon on the right. Please come back :)

  • Hi Anne – so glad to connect with you! Thank you so much for posting this and for all your support – we are thrilled you like it!! I know you have asked about it being scripted, and most of it was. We hope it was what you would imagine a child would do in Paris if they actually did wander around by themselves. We are big fans of your site. We are headed back to Paris in the spring and your pictures have us just itching to get back, we can hardly wait!

    • Julie, still even with a script I’m super impressed with the scouting of locations (none of you actually live in Paris!). The whole thing is just delightful and helps us all embrace our inner child. A lot of my friends on FB mentioned the skipping part. . . Excited you’re headed back this spring! Can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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