A Postcard from Baltimore

Sure I live in Paris now, but when Emma Lundin invited me to share a “postcard” on The Longer Way, I knew I had to spice things up from the typical sunsets and skylines. You’ll have to click over to get the full story on Fifi the giant pink poodle, the race to mediocrity + the best spontaneous travel surprise ever! Oh, and don’t miss Emma on BOARDING PASS!

P.S. Huge thank you to everyone who signed up for my Map Design class on Skillshare! It officially kicked off yesterday (with more than 580 students!). There’s still time to sign up, so don’t wait! Check out Meg Nesterov’s hand drawn map of when she went into labor in Istanbul for just a taste!

For more on the Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race click here, or visit the American Visionary Art Museum. Stay tuned 4 May 2013 for the 15th annual race where “Green is the New Pink“.

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