How to Ride the Paris Metro

Before the holidays Ashley (aka Chasing Heartbeats) and I signed up for the Visual Storytelling class on Skillshare taught by the lovely Helena Price. In our class there were two lectures (live but being in Europe I watched the recorded versions) and ample opportunity for Q&A and feedback from Helena and our classmates. Ashley and I decided to collaborate because one afternoon while she was in Paris we shot some footage of me riding the metro for fun. We weren’t taking it too seriously, but figured we could make something out of it. Even if Photoshop isn’t my favorite for working with type, Ashley and I both love Photoshop 6 because you can edit video in it (see her Everplaces video, or my iPhone video of Hotel Negresco). This class was the perfect excuse to give us the extra kick to finish the project we had sort of started, while testing out some new skills on our own time. Sure, we finished our video 2 months after the class, but hey, we did it all remotely, and it’s done and we had fun! (Don’t worry, it’s short + sweet, but we did go 15 seconds over our 30-second assignment).

Speaking of Skillshare, I’m teaching a Map Making class starting on the 18th. I’ve kept busy schedules in mind, so it’s no stress + all fun. There are some truly awesome inspiring people in the class already, so I do hope you will join us! Student projects (still in brainstorming phase) include maps of the Ivory Coast (because there aren’t many maps and they get lost on hikes), a wedding map in Wisconsin, a map of Dublin transportation, a map of local neighborhoods for Sudanese refugees, parklets in SF, an Agatha Christie interactive map of Tasmania, craft stores in Amsterdam, favorite walks in Sydney, maps for house guests, embroidered maps, memory maps, the list goes on! Join us.


P.S. If you live in Europe or plan on visiting soon, you should enter Ashley’s “heartbeats session” photo giveaway!

P.S.S. The font in the video is Blanch by Atipus on Lost Type.

P.S.S.S. Thanks Angelo  for being a fun assistant and putting up with our crazy ideas and adventures!



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