• This is totally off-topic, but related to your other posts on bureaucracy. Were you born in Virginia? I was. Just wondering if you’ve streamlined the process to get your birth certificate and apostille sent here. I’m ordering mine and having them sent to CA then here by friends. And then paying to have them translated over and over and over :) I’m thinking if anyone has tips, you do :)

    • Hi Lynn, Yes I was born in VA. My parents are awesome people + helped order my birth certificate, however I haven’t gone for naturalization or had to deal with the apostile thing…. Just make sure the translator is CERTIFIED…. I have the name of one in Paris if you email me.

  • LOVE THIS!!! I especially like that you’re a traveling-ex-pat-living-Kansas gal like myself!

    As usual, love the blog and the work that you do with it. I need to comment more rather than just being a silent participant! Keep up the good work!

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