Kickstart Tifamade

Don’t get me wrong, French boulangeries are amazing, but at some time you start to max out with how many baguette sandwiches with oozing mayonnaise you have for lunch. The crazy thing too is that it’s hard to get a custom sandwich in this country unless you go to Subway (yes, the American sandwich chain has made its way to France). Some of the best sandwiches I’ve had in this city are by Tifamade. Remember the Parisian Kinfolk picnic? Tiffany was behind the food part! And how much fun is it to have your lunch delivered to you on a pink bicycle?

Tiffany just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to help take her sandwiches to the next level. For anyone who runs their own business, you know how much behind the scenes work goes into making it happen. Definitely check out the video to get a sense of what it takes. You can donate here. Every little bit helps, and sharing the link is a great way to show your support.

The papercut stop motion animation is adorable too!  Tiffany did all the art, and put it together with the help of talented friends Taryn Kapronica who photographed the animation, Bryant Walker helped with the musical stylings, and Will Heydt-Minor with the editing.

P.S. Don’t miss Tiffany’s guide to the best picnic spots in Paris on Fathom Away!

P.S.S. Stay tuned for a new BOARDING PASS with Tiffany on Monday!!


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