Les Heures Heureuses

plan-2emeOKTypically when strolling the streets of Paris you’ll find signs welcoming you to “Happy Hours.” The plural of hours actually makes sense as “happy hour” tends to last more than one hour. But now the French have taken another twist on the concept: Les Heures Heureuses [literally the hours happy], which are 2€ tastings at restaurants all around the city between 5:30 and 9:30pm from May 22-24th. Each neighborhood is mapped (making me love the concept even more!) to encourage you to discover several places in an evening. The website is really well done, with the map coordinated with a restaurant below – I particularly love how they’ve tried to photograph the owner or chef of the restaurant with each listing, and expanded info. They also created an app just for the occasion. I know I plan on referencing even after les heures heureuses even after it’s officially over. I also have to add that I love that it’s the city of Paris (+ these partners) that is behind this!




To learn more about the featured restaurants with 2€ deals numbered on the maps, click here to start exploring! . . . Just out of curiosity, does anyone else know any other cities doing something like this?

P.S. I’m teaching MAP MAKING again on Skillshare. It will be ongoing, but the next round starts May 28th! Sign up here!

Maps by Les Heures Heureuses. First spotted on My Little Paris.



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