Let’s Make Maps!


In the spirit of my motto “Be Memorable” I just got back from The Hive Conference in Berlin where I rocked my map skirt my parents sweetly got me for my birthday.  I get so many compliments on it, that I wanted to give a proper shout out to RoobyLane, the UK Etsy shop where you can order it (she also has ones with transit map fabric!). I love the skirt, but it’s also the perfect PR tactic to be like, “by the way I’m teaching a Map Making class on Skillshare.”

Speaking of my class round 2 starts today (now with 1,000+ students!). Skillshare – the platform where it is hosted – has made a few updates since I last taught so I just wanted to write a quick post to clarify a few things.

  • When you sign up for any Skillshare class (and there are TONS of awesome ones, I’ve taken 8 already!) you have lifetime access to the lectures and resources.
  • No need to take the class again, once you sign up, you’re always in! The lectures are the same, but you may notice a few updates to the platform. From here on, you can sign up anytime, as it will be ongoing.
  • The way I’m running it this time, is that for the next 3 weeks I’ll be giving feedback, and then the class will truly become student led. (The more feedback you give to classmates, the more you’ll receive).
  • You won’t get yelled at for not doing your homework + you can take the class at your own pace. Originally I designed it to be 3 weeks, but it’s really up to you. I will be giving feedback for the first few weeks as a little extra incentive to get into gear.
  • I don’t care how old you are, if you know Photoshop (Gimp is free!), if you have any special software, or are a register student in a university. Skillshare is open to everyone and anyone, and I’ve designed my class to work for all levels + have shared a ton of resources to help you learn new skills, if you want. You don’t even have to use a computer for your assignments if you don’t want. Hint: The first assignment is hand drawn maps!
  • If you have friends who want to sign up, send them the link: http://skl.sh/11RQ8Ig. You’ll meet new people, but recruiting friends can also be a great way to stay on the ball.
  • Like most Skillshare classes, my class only costs $20. If you’re reading this closely, then congrats, use the code HIGHFIVE for $5 off until the coupons run out.

I posted about some of my favorite student projects from when I taught the class last winter. So creative! You can also browse the latest project boards on Skillshare.

P.S. To accessorize my RoobyLane map skirt, I am wearing a Julia Rothman orange Tattly watch + a boat from the Tattly Nautical set! More Tattlys here. Thanks to Lauren Lou Bate for snapping the pic. YAY!

Check out my Instagram today for some more cool map inspiration or my Make a Map Pinterest board! You can expect an influx of maps on my Twitter + Facebook as well.


  • I saw when you tweeted this picture and loved it! The skirt is really amazing with the tattly tattoos. I bet the whole outfit was a hit in Berlin :)

  • I am so bummed I didn’t get to meet you in person at The Hive! Also would have loved to see that fabulous map skirt properly!

    Skillshare sounds totally awesome, and I can’t wait until I finish my exams so I can take some classes without feeling guilty because I am not studying ;-)

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