Uncovering Paris Through Posters


Riding the Paris metro is good for 3 things: 1) Getting places 2) Learning about new things and 3) Being inspired by beautiful typography. Here are some of my favorite posters I’ve seen in the last couple months that have me excited to get out and about in the city.

Cinema Paradiso at the Grand Palais is code for inside drive in theater where you watch popular movies while sitting in Fiat 500s. A lot of the movie tickets are already sold out, but there are still entry tickets. (Apparently there’s also a roller rink and video games).

LART-DU-JARDIN-2013L’Art du Jardin is a “new vegetal experience” – also at the Grand Palais – which is on this weekend and looks awesome. Doubt it’ll be anything like those garden shows I went to as a kid!

pretavoyager-lyriqueParizone @ Dream happens this weekend at la Gaité Lyrique. It’s a free event to celebrate digital creativity. I wouldn’t have known about it except for this poster! Some of my favorite expos I’ve seen lately are at la Gaité Lyrique, so I hope to check it out!

pretavoyager-EDF-beesVases fabricated by 60,000 bees. Say what!?! I saw this poster in the metro halls and looked it up. It’s for real and the expo – This is Alive is sponsored by EDF – is free and open to the public. The honeycomb vases are by Tomás Libertiny (and the bees of course). I haven’t seen the show yet, but it a fun exercising digging up more information!


Onze Bouge – a street festival in my neighborhood, the 11th! Onze = 11, bouge = move! More information online + the local mairie (mayor’s office).


DAYS OFF – a music festival with an appreciation of good design.

This is just a short list. Don’t be afraid to discover something new from the writing on the wall!

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