Fête de la Musique: Paris

Friday night was Fête de la Musique which happens every June 21st. If you want to have a loud party and not piss off your neighbors, this is the night. Official happenings take place around the city, and bars and restaurants do their part to get involved as well. It’s great fun, especially when the weather holds out (however, note it is now late June and most people in these images are wearing sweaters and jackets! brrr). I used to occasion to play around with video on my phone (did you hear that Instagram has a video function now? Just make sure you upgrade). Note that to get the Instagram videos to play here, you may need to update your browser (or open on another browser). For the Vines, you need to hit the sound button on the upper left (roll over image) for the full effect. Don’t worry, all the clips are short + sweet!

Fête de la Musique was launched in 1982 by the French Cultural Ministry, and now happens in cities around the world. And while Paris created an app for the event this year, it’s one of those things where you don’t have to look very hard to find the closest beats. I followed my French friend Sophie‘s Brazilian band – Batuca Chic [and Les Yolandes] – and that worked quite well. We started in an open place in the 19th, and then made our way to a church in the 11th where we encountered the Bling Bling Brass Band who was a complete hoot too. I think you’ll be able to guess which is which in this post :) You literally can find a little bit of everything this night of the year. I also saw Chinese Youth Choir singing some upbeat religious songs that had projected translations. Interesting to see it all.

I also learned the hard way that the way the iPhone video works (touch button and release) is different than the new media (Instagram + Vine you press to film), so I missed the cutest boy breaking it down. Alas, video lost or not, I decided to edit together a video of normal clips as an excuse to play with my new Bamboo Wacom tablet. It’s super low budget, but gives you a fun taste of the night.


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