Le Tour de France


Tomorrow marks the start of Le Tour de France. Despite being clouded by tales of dopping, the 3,479km race through France is still incredibly impressive, and this year marks the 100th year of the race. Last year I got to catch the final stage of the race from the top of the Champs Elysées and put together this mini spectators guide. The race ends July 21st, but to start it off on the right foot, I wanted to share some of the latest work from Eleanor Grosch (you can see her on Boarding Pass – one of the first designers I featured!). The prints are perfect for any race or bicycle lovers. I asked Eleanor a few questions about her own biking habits to get into the spirit.


  1. How old were you when you learned to bike?  
    I learned to ride a bike at 7 after what seemed like forever on training wheels.
  2. What did your first bike look like?  
    It was a pink and white little thing with a basket and tinsel handlebars; so cute!
  3. Where did your interest in the Tour de France come from?  
    My husband has watched the Tour every year we’ve been together; he’s really into cycling.  Gradually I started getting into it too and for our first wedding anniversary last year we made a tour de France of our own cycling across a part of the traditional route in the South of France from Nice to beyond Arles, and then traveled by car to the Pyrenees so that Peter could try the Col du Tourmalet.  It was amazing and definitely inspired our print series.
  4. Which leg of the race do you think you’d enjoy the most?  
    I think the flattest part!  I’m not much of a climber.  When the race goes by  the sunflower fields, that seems perfect.
  5. How often do you ride your bike? 
    I make cycling my workout in the summer and aim for 4 long rides a week, but all year round I use my surly road bike to commute.


All of Eleanor’s prints featured in this post are for sale in her shop, and there’s even a discount when you purchase the complete set!!

Speaking of the Tour, my friend Yann-Yves is on the press team covering the event. I’ll definitely be following his Twitter and Instagram closely for the inside scoop! I mean, check out this press room! You can visit the official Tour site here.

P.S. Here’s the map of the official route. I’d love to see someone map their own version in my Skillshare class!


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