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pretavoyager-parisaimemerci-4It’s always fun seeing one of your favorite shops (Merci) team up with one of your favorite designers (Vahram Muratyan). The installation by the author/illustrator behind the blog-turned-book Paris vs NYC celebrates the city. Merci has long been one of my favorite stores in Paris because it’s always changing. The installations typically last 2-3 three weeks, so I can take all my visitors and it never gets old. (This installation will be on extra long, though August 25th as Parisians prepare for their summer holidays). Inside the store foyer is filled with Paris and map themed books and products to help you travel the city with style. It’s pretty much everything I love in one: design, travel and Paris! The best part is their iconic red Fiat in the courtyard always takes part in the fun too. Vahram’s minimalist Paris map –Rive Gauche [left bank] / Rive Droit [right bank] and Paris Ouest [west] / Paris Est [east] on the side – made me smile.

pretavoyager-parisaimemerci-5Merci is also home to one of my favorite cafés! (See behind car.)

pretavoyager-parisaimemerci-3pretavoyager-parisaimemerci-9pretavoyager-parisaimemerci-8Paris vs. NYC the book has been such a success, you can see the re-published versions from around the world. The different variations are on view on the wood plank.

pretavoyager-parisaimemerci-7I actually knew about the show thanks to following Vaharam on Instagram (@parisvsnyc) – my new favorite way to learn about cool things in the city. Little did I know that he would be there though when I stopped by to take a few snaps. It’s always a treat to get to chat with the creator behind the work. You can follow the hashtag #merciamimeparis (Merci loves Paris) on social media [Tagboard is my favorite] for more peeks inside Vahram’s installation.


There’s a great interview (en français) with Vahram and a fun animated gif on the Merci blog. You can read more about Vahram’s travels and how he sees the world on his edition of BOARDING PASS!

111 Boulevard Beaumarchais  |  75003 Paris
Open Monday – Saturday 10am–7pm
Installation on through August 25th
New online boutique


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