Rendez-Vous Créatures: Des Filles en Aiguille

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-2Lately Paris has been inspiring me in new ways. Just when I was starting to feel like I’d seen everything (which I know I haven’t), I discover something new. Last week an email for Des Filles en Aiguille popped in my inbox. Perhaps I had been before, perhaps not, but I was excited to see what it was all about. It takes place in Espace Beaurepaire (28 rue Beaurepaire, 75011) just off Canal Saint Martin. And despite having been in the space before, the true thrill was that almost all of the work/vendors were completely new to me. This makes me happy. And while I know many of my dear readers aren’t based in Paris, I still want to share things like this – the things that excite me – as much as possible. After all, there is online shopping, or I hope you go uncover ways to support local creatives where you live!

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-7I went to the pop-up with my friend Blaire who runs the cute online shop The Vitrine. We both really loved this jewelry line Toucan Bleu by Cécile Hibon. Blaire and I both remarked how there’s definitely a jewelry trend in Paris and everything looks the same (enamel and brass), so these pieces really jumped out at us. Also, these events are fun because you can talk to the designers. Cécile pointed out the different materials she was using (in interesting ways).  More of her work online.

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-5Marine is a graphic designer who has ventured into her own line of mugs, bowls and (our favorite) vases, as well as stationery and 3D decorations. This event is the debut of her latest line of her company called Submicrocosm.

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-9These leather and knit bags by Laëma can be customizable, as the patterns are knit in their Paris studios. . . I didn’t get to snap a pic, but Sylvie Nguyen’s line S’il y a had some really great shapes and clever designs for purses and even iPod cases.

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-8In our minds Mélanie Peyramayou’s Oh La La Paris stand won for best display. This picture hardly captures it, but how awesomely simple are those painted wood display blocks? She also soldered the box frames, which you only get a taste of. Her beautiful work of course helps too!

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-3While last summer it was neon accents, I’m loving metallic accents with rich colors this season. These great bags are by Sandrine Colin. It’d be fun to pair one up with my favorite line of French shoes, Ellips Chaussures (which are also at the pop-up – with good deals – I just forgot to take a picture).

It was hard to decide what we didn’t like on this rack from the clothing line Les Étoiles. They also have a shop in the 12ème! . . . There were so many other things I enjoyed, but this is just a taste!

pretavoyager-fillesenaiguille-1The Des Filles en Aiguille sales happen a couple times a year (sign up for their newsletter or follow on Facebook) with different vendors each time, but this one is on daily 12-8pm through Sunday, June 9th. Click here to visit all the creators!

Also this week in Paris is Designer’s Days with events and open studios throughout the city, and this weekend is Jack’s Jumble Sale at Le Mary Celeste, the Take Me Out shopping, music at art sale at Le Bellevilloise, and a David Lebovitz book signing at La Cuisine Paris. So much inspiration in one city!

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