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7d9f7c35953f2aabc8f54fd785ca3171_largeI’ve been traveling a fair amount lately, and to places I’ve never been before. Even though Trouville, Honfleur and Lyon (posts forthcoming) are all in France – where my iPhone works and has data – I find that I still cling to paper maps whenever possible. While I do know how to disconnect, I do love to take pictures, and now have the skill to wear down an iPhone5 battery in just 4 hours(!), so paper maps are usually more practical than finding an outlet to recharge.

When I was in Lyon with my parents last week I couldn’t help but notice how much the tourism office maps screamed “tourist” – they were big and awkward to fold, in other words not very practical. As soon as I saw these Zoomable Maps on Paper on Kickstarter by Anne Stauche I knew this was my kind of project. Check out the video below to see these maps in action.

So here’s the catch, to make these maps possible, Anne has to raise the funds on Kickstarter to be able to produce the maps, and add more great cities. Click here to donate (and get your own map!).

Thanks to Tina for the tip! :)

For fun with maps, sign up for my MAPS class on Skillshare!

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