FRENCH LESSONS: Une Glace à l’Eau

pretavoyager-glacealeauOh là là! Il fait CHAUD à Paris! Wowza, has it been HOT in Paris (especially after our very chilly June)! Thankfully I finally purchased un ventilateur [fan] for the first time in four years. It’s pretty clear that Europe isn’t really designed for la chaleur [heat] or la canicule [heatwave]. It doesn’t help there’s not much la climatisation [air conditioning] in this city either. So hands down my favorite way to beat the heat is with une glace à l’eau [popsicle]. The best place to find them are at small alimentation générale [mini marts], or you can pick up a box at le super marché [supermarket] or Picard [the frozen food store] to share with friends (or strangers). Miam…. Mmmmmm.

p.s. Ashley told me about this popsicle place in Berlin. So jealous. Wish someone would open one in Paris!

French Lessons is an ongoing series where I teach you French words and cultural lessons while beefing up my Illustrator skills.

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  • funny, it is the fist time I hear them called “glaces à l’eau”. I have been calling them “glaces”. Not much air conditioning here as we usually have a good heating system for winter and it is rarely that hot but I must admit that a bit of AC would be nice. As for glaces, did you try the pear and chocolate sauce at Picard, they are to die for while waiting for some rain :)

    • ohhh. I’ve only tried strawberry-banana from Picard. They seem to have far better and healthier options than most. If only my freezer actually worked!

  • Anne,
    You need to make your own! :-)
    We’ve been making them with the kids and it’s good fun. So many combinations and only fruit inside.

  • I adore this French Lessons idée [idea]. Language is best learned in context. And yes, the summer heat sans air conditioning in Europe can be killer. Enjoy each glace à l’eau!

  • July 27, 2013 at 6:28 pm // Reply

    I never thought I could love a ventilateur so much..
    Or icey cold showers or the pool. I need total immersion

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