Inside Out NYC

ptretavoyager-insideoutnyc-1If you don’t know the work of French street artist JR then you need to take a few minutes and watch this TED talk. I’ve been fortunate to hear him talk twice in the past couple years, and each time he tells his story with passion, and the way the participants and communities around the world respond to his pastings. Inside Out is a project JR started in 2011 with traveling photobooths and large scale portraits around the world (official site here). When I was in New York in May I was lucky to catch the start of #insideoutnyc in Times Square. For anyone who has ever been to Times Square you know much of its fame comes from the large scale billboards. JR’s installation became the first non-commerical endeavor on the square (his earnings come from the sales of his books and lithograph prints, and a massive crew of volunteers he always refers to as “family”). While the photobooth truck is now longer at Times Square, I suspect you’ll be able to see the pasted faces for awhile yet until they get warn and washed away.



You can learn more about JR’s work on his website and Inside Out. His Instagram (@JR) is also one of my favorite feeds to follow. I can’t wait to go JR spotting for his work around the world! For instance, I can’t wait to go to Marseilles to see the Unframed Project!

OK, so who wants to take on the challenge to map all of JR’s project locations for my Skillshare MAPS class!?!? Message me + I’ll send you a discount code!


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