L’Illustre Boutique {PARIS}

pretavoyager-lillustreboutiqueWhen I was giving a tour this summer one of my guests made the observation that going to shops when you travel is less exciting than it used to be because you can find everything everywhere these days (an observation she first noticed in China). On another tour we were making our ways through the passage ways of Paris and came upon Passage du Grand Cerf (my first visit actually). I had heard of L’Illustre Boutique before, but had never been, but immediately felt like I was in a toy store for grown-ups. Not only was I surrounded by beautiful work, but I was discovering new works at the same time (just when I thought I knew all the French illustrators). The mother and daughter I was showing around Paris were just as entranced by what they saw, buying a few things on the spot, and returning again during their visit. For me, the joy was finding a place – nothing too big or fancy – that celebrated something specific to place [Paris] in only featuring the work of French illustrators (about 30 different ones in total). It’s like the whole “go local” campaign, but without trying to hard. My other favorite part is that every few months the window changes too. (Random fact: after my first trip to Paris in high school I thought I wanted to become a window decorator. Before Paris, I had no idea windows could be so cool!). At L’Illustre Boutique, the first window I saw was by Papier Tigre (their newsletter/instagram is how I discovered the shop) which was a celebration of their geometric style, and Hélène Druvert‘s paper beach scene [pictured here] was perfect for summer, and helping me still cling to the end of summer now. A few of her papercut pieces are sold in the shop, but of course the installation made me do a bit more digging about her work. There’s a nice little interview on the L’Illustre blog too (use Chrome to translate if need be).


(There’s often new work out front which is always exciting to see. Sadly, I waited too long to buy my favorite print.)

IMG_0332IMG_0331IMG_0335(Most clever use of those trendy paper straws ever!)


Discover who is behind these works on the L’Illustre blog.

IMG_0313IMG_0305These travel notecards by Season Paper Collection were love at first sight!

IMG_0327Marguerite who runs the shop is also lovely, so be sure to say hello!


And there’s plenty more to discover in the passage as well…

L’Illustre Boutique
1 passage du Grand Cerf, 75002
Open Tuesday (mardi) – Saturday (samedi) 12-7 pm

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  • Hi Anne, What a sweet shop you found :) I love all the small illustrations in the frames, they would make such a lovely gallery wall for a studio space! My favorite is the blue tea kettle with the cup, how sweet is that. I will be sure to visit here the next time I am in Paris. Have a great day! Jocelyn x

  • So glad I read this, as I definitely intend to visit this shop next time I’m in Paris. I’d love to purchase a couple of unique illustrations from Paris for my home.

  • Wow! that was a real good observation. Though i too did think that everything could be bout everywhere so other than the photographs not really much to bring home from Paris. But the shop above has good attractive small little items there, can be a good choice to gift people or bring back memories from Paris.

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